Our Story

a word from Geology Rocks! Pittsburgh

Opened in 2018, we are a small business with global connections. Operated by Owner, Justin Kistler, & a tight crew, our shop is nestled between the old & the new. From its brick walls to modern flair, a mineral gallery awaits for you to surround yourself with Earth’s treasures & accelerate your fascination with its incredible history.

Whether you're in store or on the web, feel free to peruse our expansive selection of all-natural minerals, fossils, meteorites, jewelry, crystals, pocket stones, & more!

In every walk with nature, one receive far more than he seeks.

— John Muir

Meet The Team


Shop Owner

I’ve always had a love for history and a fascination with the Earth, an insatiable desire to find out who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going. Our planet has been perfecting amazing works of natural art for millions of millennia, and I am passionate about sharing this art with the world. It is my absolute pleasure and purpose in bringing you a fun, educational, unforgettable experience while you are spending time in our shop.



Greetings fellow rocklings. My name is Bob “GeoBob” Downs and I am the Social Media Director and Photographer for Geology Rocks! – Pittsburgh. I’m a Geologist by trade and photography is my number one passion, so needless to say, this is my dream gig. Hiking, traveling, and exploring our beautiful planet while getting to snap photos of our amazing collection of pristine crystals is the definition of a dream come true.



Heya folks. I’m Kathleen (they/them) the weekender at Geology Rocks! I’ve been passionate about science and the environment for as long as I can remember. At South Alabama, I switched majors the second week of Geology 101 (originally taken as an elective!) I followed that up with a few non-profit internships and an MS from Duquesne for environmental management. After working in environmental geology, which mostly translates to “mud,” I’m super psyched to be here and surrounded by museum quality specimens. It allows me to focus on my first true geo-love: mineral identification and formation! The journey these rocks took to make it to their current form is truly inspiring. I’m glad my journey brought me here as well.