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(Guidance, Inspiration, Communication, Spiritual-Wellness)


Celestite, or celestine, is a mineral consisting of strontium sulfate, or SrSO4. It is a soft gray to beautiful blue mineral which has long been used in the making of ceramics, glass flares, fireworks, and metal alloys. Celestite often forms at very high temperatures in granite and pegmatite, but also crystallizes in the orthorhombic crystal structure from the slow evaporation of salt water. Celestite clusters are more common than individual crystals, which are typically stubby and wedge-shaped. It is the most common strontium bearing mineral. When ignited, it burns a brilliant red color; and for this reason, it is the most commonly used mineral for firework pyrotechnics. Celestite derives its name from the Latin word ‘caelestis’, meaning celestial, which in turn is derived from the Latin word ‘caelum’, meaning sky or heaven.


Celestite crystals are often found in geodes, with the world's largest known geode of celestite being 35ft in diameter at its widest point. It is located near the village of Put-In-Bay, Ohio, in Lake Erie. There, the magnificent geode has been converted into a tourist attraction, called Crystal Cave, where viewers can actually enter the massive geode and gaze at its incredible size and wonder. The record-breaking geode has crystals as wide as 18 inches across, which are estimated to weigh up to 300 pounds each! Celestite was originally discovered in 1791 by famed mineralogist, Abraham Gottlob Werner, in the US state of Pennsylvania, where it is the official state mineral. 


Metaphysically, celestite is said to be a stone of balance, alignment, mental clarity, and spiritual development. A crystal of the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, it is said that celestite can aid its user in finding angelic guidance and spirit communication. It is said that celestite can help to bring about manifestations of desired change and personal fulfillment. Physically, celestite is said to aid the body with muscle pain and fatigue, as well as with detoxification of vital organs. It is also said to aid the body with muscle tension and afflictions of the throat.